Nick Spantgos

  PRI Founder/Lead Investigator
  Lead Researcher
  Area AGS Representative
  Equipment Research & Development  

Nick Spantgos lives in Topeka with his dog and works full time as a pharmacist. His passion for the paranormal began very early in life. He grew up in a house active with many paranormal activities including the apparition of a civil war soldier inside the house. Upon graduation from pharmacy school he sought answers to questions he had about the paranormal.

On April 13th, 2007, Nick and Keith Ross formed PRI to begin a serious scientific study of these phenomena. Nick’s duties for PRI include overseeing the day-to-day operations, leading the team during investigations & supervising the hours of audio, video & data review. Additionally, he co-hosts a weekly internet radio show, Paranormal Adventure Radio with Beth Meyer.

Nick enjoys giving talks, lectures, and presentations about the paranormal and he not only has a great passion for investigating the paranormal, but also enjoys giving back to the community. PRI is involved in several different projects to help the community. Nick has been involved with the Topeka Community Center Summer Camps. Nick has led summer camps the last several years educating youth about the paranormal. During the 2009 summer camp Nick/PRI also led the youth in a daytime investigation at a local historical location.

Nick has also has a passion in helping out historic buildings gain funding. Nick & PRI have led groups for several fundraising events at the Jayhawk Theater and Constitution Hall in Topeka Kansas, Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Hotel Josephine & Holton House in Holton, KS & recently became involved in hosting numerous public events at Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO. These events are not only important for the buildings we are raising the money for, but also lets PRI educate the public on the paranormal.

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 Keith Ross

 PRI Co-Founder
 Lead Investigator

Keith Ross lives in Topeka, Kansas with his kids and works for the Topeka Transit as a mechanic for the last 18 years. Nick and Keith formed PRI in April 13th, 2007 together as a way to help both of them understand paranormal. Keith has a strong passion for the paranormal through personal experiences growing up. Keith’s interest in the paranormal does not only include ghosts but also UFOs. Keith’s passion while investigating the paranormal is in debunking where he excels. His knowledge about machines, electricity, and plumbing aids in his efforts for debunking and is second to none. When Keith isn’t investigating, he likes to ride dirt bikes and having family time with his son.


 Derrick Ward
 Lead Investigator
 Lead Researcher 

 Research Development

Dr. Derrick Ward resides in Kansas City, Missouri where he is a physician. His interest and curiosity in the paranormal is nearly lifelong. His background in science and the theoretical allow him to investigate the paranormal, ghosts, and haunting, in a scientific and objective way. His passion is in paranormal research and attempting to document scientific evidence of the paranormal. Derrick’s duties for PRI include overseeing the paranormal research and documentation during the investigation.


 Michelle Bartlett
 Case Manager
 Research & Development Team

Michelle lives in Columbia, Missouri with her husband and two children. She is a critical care nurse and also a part time nursing instructor. She has always been interested in the paranormal, and has had a few personal experiences. She is very open minded about the paranormal and considers herself to be a skeptical believer. Michelle is responsible for gathering scientific data during the investigation.


 Danny Howard
 Lead Investigator


Danny lives in Topeka, Kansas with his wife and two sons. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Psychology. He works
as a Program Coordinator at TARC, Inc. He has always been fascinated with the paranormal, UFOs and Cryptozoology. It wasn't until he started working with PRI that he had his own personal experiences. He enjoys leading groups during public investigations and says he learns something new every investigation.


 Andrea Isaia
 Lead Investigator
 Audio Analyst

Andrea resides in Topeka KS with her husband and 2 children. She works for the city of Topeka as an Assistant Director for a community center. She has created summer paranormal camps for kids in which she & Nick educate youth about the paranormal. Andrea also has given several talks to community groups about the history & paranormal occurrences of locations. Her interest in the paranormal stems from stories she has read about ghosts. Her interest in the stories led her to being a tour guide for a local ghost tour. She is responsible setting up the recorders during investigations and reviewing audio.


 Dave Miller
 Co-Case Manager

Dave lives in near St. Louis and handles new accounts for a local brokerage firm. Dave got his interest in the paranormal a few years after his brother died, and he has had several experiences since then. Dave’s approach to the paranormal is open-minded skepticism. Dave enjoys public investigations & sharing his experiences with others. His role with PRI is as a co-case manager and technical director of Paranormal Adventure Radio, Nick & Beth’s weekly internet radio show. In his spare time he volunteers at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, a canine shelter.


 Mary Briggs
 Research Assistant
 Team Historian

Mary lives in Topeka with her husband & 3 dogs. They have 5 grandchildren that are very active in sports. She has worked in the medical field for 25 years & is currently a Medical Receptionist.

Her interest in the paranormal began as a young woman when she was visited by the apparition of her Grandmother on the night of her death. As she got up to let her parents know what she had seen, the phone rang-the hospital was calling to let them know that her Grandmother had just passed away. Mary has always been interested in learning more about this experience.

Because of her interest in the paranormal mixed with her love for history she has been on several Ghost Tours and visited several haunted locations. She has also attended several Paranormal 101 classes led by PRI to gain knowledge of the paranormal field. Her friendship with the PRI team has led her to fulfilling her dream of discovering what ghosts really are & why are they here.


 Tim Hutcherson
 Research Advisor

A lifelong student and experienced paranormal investigator, Tim Hutcherson’s primary interest in paranormal topics is research. As a pharmacist with post-doctoral training in evidence-based decision making in the healthcare arena, he aspires to see the field of paranormal investigation make a similar move toward an evidence-based evaluation of data, both on a team-by-team basis and the field as a whole. Since such a move would require proper research methodology, his goal is to work with the other research-savvy members of PRI to improve data collection and data evaluation techniques.