Procedures & Protocol

The PRI & NE∑Paranormal procedures and protocols are to be followed at all times during investigations. We take great pride in our research and paranormal investigations, and these guidelines ensure that we maintain our professionalism and credibility.

1. No smoking is allowed during an investigation session. Smoking may be allowed during breaks and only in designated areas.

2. No alcohol or illicit drugs may be consumed or used before or during an investigation.

3. EVP Protocols should be followed at all times during an investigation.

4. Trespassing on private land is strictly forbidden.

5. Evidence and investigation results will not be published online without the written consent of the client.

6. No Perfumes, cologne, or any other scented products may be used by an investigator during an investigation.

7. PRI takes a professional and scientific approach to paranormal research and to our investigations. Mediums, Psychics, Ouija Boards, and Sťances are not to be used during an investigation, unless approved by a Lead Investigator.

8. Drinking or eating is forbidden during an investigation session. Drinking or eating is allowed during investigation break periods.

9. Each investigator is responsible for their individual expenses. These expenses can include transportation, lodging, hospitality, and food.