PRI History

Nick Spantgos and Keith Ross founded the Paranormal Research Investigators on April 13, 2007. Keith and Nick each have experienced events in their life that they would consider “paranormal”. They founded the group to be a science based paranormal team aimed at helping individuals and businesses with the paranormal needs.

During one of PRI’s investigation Keith had just debunked the clients claim and Nick said “We needed to use logic first before thinking something paranormal is happening.” During that statement the PRI motto was born “Logic First, Paranormal Last.”

Also joining PRI in a lead role is Derrick Ward who is one of PRI’s lead investigators.

PRI also holds a special relationship with the business Paranormal Adventure USA. PRI has investigated many of their locations to determine if any paranormal activity is occurring at them. Nick the founder of PRI also enjoys giving many talks, lectures, and presentations about the paranormal.


Mission Statement

To advance the field of paranormal research through systematic, logical, and thorough investigations while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality.