Paranormal Investigations

Since the creation of PRI in April 2007, we have conducted 254 investigations at 228 different locations throughout Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Illinois (updated 09/01/10). Of these 228 locations, we have documented paranormal activity at only 47, and have labeled only 12 locations “haunted.” The field of paranormal research is very much a passion for the PRI team members, and we are relentlessly researching, learning, investigating, conducting interviews, and reviewing evidence. This is all in an effort to advance the field of paranormal research and to assist our clients.

Our approach to the paranormal and reports of unusual activity is founded in logic and reason. We take all claims of activity very seriously, and attempt to find natural causes for phenomena prior to labeling it paranormal in origin. Because our team is also focused on advancing the field of paranormal research, we gather as much data as possible before and during an investigation. This includes environmental data such as temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, geomagnetic field status, lunar phase, and solar x-ray status. For more information on how the environmental can affect paranormal activity, please visit our Learning Center.

Please note that not all of PRI’s investigations will be listed on the website for privacy reasons as our client's confidentiality is vital. However, the majority of the investigations will be listed, but names may be changed to protect the clients and the location. Written consent has been obtained from our clients to publish these case reports.