Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for investigations?

NO. We will never accept money for conducting an investigation or answering questions via email.

Does PRI believe orbs are evidence of the paranormal?

99.9% of the time orbs can be explained by natural phenomena or photographic errors. Orbs typically show up in still pictures or video recordings, and are not seen with the naked eye at the time the images are captured. These phenomena are usually attributed to infrared light or visible light, from a camera flash, reflecting off dust, bugs, water particles, pollens, or some other airborne contaminant. To even consider an orb as paranormal in origin, we believe it has to be seen with an investigators own eyes, needs to emit its own light, and it has to show an intelligent flight path.

What makes PRI different than other groups in Kansas?

We debunk, document, and strive to understand what is occurring in a given situation and at a given location. Our mission is to help people and help our community while furthering our own knowledge through research of the paranormal. During our investigations, we use combined personal knowledge and experiences, logic, witness interviews, environmental analysis, and extensive documentation to help us achieve these goals. PRI respects and honors the privacy of our clients. No names, locations, or evidence are displayed on this website unless written permission to release that information is given. As a research group, we strive for professionalism and we hope our website's appearance, layout, and content provide a brief illustration of this.

How can I become a member of PRI?

Becoming a member of PRI is usually reserved for those interested individuals that we have become familiar with and with whom we have developed a mutual trust. Trustworthiness and honesty are of vital importance in becoming a PRI member. A great way to get to know PRI and learn more about the paranormal is to register on the PRI Forum and be an active contributor to the discussions.

Your website doesn't have a lot of evidence on it. Why?

This website is not meant to be a scrapbook of our investigations or our daily lives as individuals. Instead, it is intended to be a public resource for individuals in need. It allows the public to get to know PRI, our approach to paranormal research and investigation, and our overall mission. This website is also a means to provide the public some education on various paranormal topics via our Learning Center. Evidence that PRI deems potentially paranormal in origin is extremely rare. Therefore, only the most credible evidence of the paranormal is posted online.

How do I get a hold of PRI if I need help?

You can email us at and one of our Case Managers will answer in a prompt and professional manner. Additionally, if you are interested in having PRI speak at a conference or event, please contact us at the email provided, and you will be directed to the most appropriate individual in your area.

What geographic regions or states does PRI cover?

PRI can conduct investigations in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, and may be willing to travel even farther in certain situations.