Standards of Practice

PRI has a very strict standard of practice while conducting EVP sessions.

1. During an EVP session, only one person asks questions at a time.

2. Whispering is not allowed during an EVP session or during the investigation.

3. Any ambient sounds, coming from an investigator or the environment, should be indentified or “tagged” on the audio recording. These sounds need to be tagged immediately after they are heard.

4. If an investigator experiences something interesting or unexplained during the EVP session, then they can speak to point out this occurrence. Other than that, all investigators should remain completely quiet, except for the questioner.

5. During the evidence review, potential EVP should be verified by at least one other digital recording source. This is to help eliminate natural sources for the sounds. This source can be another audio recorder in the room or from a video source recording the event. This step is vital when attempting to verify the authenticity and credibility of the data.

6. PRI has developed scripted questions for investigators to ask while conducting EVP sessions. This script should be followed precisely, and yes/no questions should not be asked at any time.