Nick Spantgos

  PRI Founder/Lead Investigator
  Lead Researcher
  Area AGS Representative
  Equipment Research & Development  

Nick Spantgos lives in Topeka with his dog and works full time as a pharmacist. His passion for the paranormal began very early in life. He grew up in a house active with many paranormal activities including the apparition of a civil war soldier inside the house. Upon graduation from pharmacy school he sought answers to questions he had about the paranormal.

On April 13th, 2007, Nick and Keith Ross formed PRI to begin a serious scientific study of these phenomena. Nick’s duties for PRI include overseeing the day-to-day operations, leading the team during investigations & supervising the hours of audio, video & data review. Additionally, he co-hosts a weekly internet radio show, Paranormal Adventure Radio with Beth Meyer.

Nick enjoys giving talks, lectures, and presentations about the paranormal and he not only has a great passion for investigating the paranormal, but also enjoys giving back to the community. PRI is involved in several different projects to help the community. Nick has been involved with the Topeka Community Center Summer Camps. Nick has led summer camps the last several years educating youth about the paranormal. During the 2009 summer camp Nick/PRI also led the youth in a daytime investigation at a local historical location.

Nick has also has a passion in helping out historic buildings gain funding. Nick & PRI have led groups for several fundraising events at the Jayhawk Theater and Constitution Hall in Topeka Kansas, Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Hotel Josephine & Holton House in Holton, KS & recently became involved in hosting numerous public events at Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO. These events are not only important for the buildings we are raising the money for, but also lets PRI educate the public on the paranormal.

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