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PRI conducts investigations free of charge. We feel it is our privilege to be in your home or business, and we are honored that you trust us to give you an honest and evidence-based opinion on your paranormal claims. Your privacy, confidentiality, and security are very important to us, and we go to great lengths to ensure that these values are not compromised with our clients.


The Process

Step 1: The Interview

When a potential client initially contacts one of our teams, a telephone or personal interview will be scheduled. Alternatively, a questionnaire may be emailed to them to complete prior to the interview. During this interview, we will gather information from the client regarding personal experiences and information about the history of the location. The client may also be asked to provide contact information for other witnesses of the activity in question.

Step 2: The Investigation

Our preference is to investigate on either Friday or Saturday night. The investigation usually starts around 8:00 PM, and typically concludes at approximately 2:00-3:00 AM. During the investigation, we will set up audio recorders, video recording equipment, and various other sensing devices. We try to focus on areas where paranormal events have reportedly occurred. If possible, we prefers that the client(s) vacate the property once the investigation begins. This helps us ensure the client’s safety, the integrity of the investigation, and credibility of the evidence.

Step 3: The Review

During the review process, we analyze all of the data obtained during the investigation. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the location and the length of the investigation. For every hour of the actual investigation, it takes approximately 20-25 hours to review and analyze the data. After all the data is analyzed, we will then contact the client to set up a time to reveal the findings.

Step 4: The Reveal

During this step, we meet with the client and explain the results of the data collected. We will discuss in detail what they believe is occurring at the location, and whether the activity is natural or paranormal in origin. A copy of any and all evidence will also be provided to the client at no charge.