Mary Briggs
 Case Manager
 Research Assistant & Team Historian

Mary lives in Topeka with her husband & 3 dogs. They have 5 grandchildren that are very active in sports. She has worked in the medical field for 25 years & is currently a Medical Receptionist.

Her interest in the paranormal began as a young woman when she was visited by the apparition of her Grandmother on the night of her death. As she got up to let her parents know what she had seen, the phone rang-the hospital was calling to let them know that her Grandmother had just passed away. Mary has always been interested in learning more about this experience.

Because of her interest in the paranormal mixed with her love for history she has been on several Ghost Tours and visited several haunted locations. She has also attended several Paranormal 101 classes led by PRI to gain knowledge of the paranormal field. Her friendship with the PRI team has led her to fulfilling her dream of discovering what ghosts really are & why are they here.