Code of Ethics

Research Assistant's, Lead Investigator's and Founder's will adhere to standards of conduct & honorable behavior.

Our members will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times & conduct all investigations with integrity & honesty.

We will never charge for their services.

We accept accountability for all behavior & actions.

Our teams will exhibit the highest level of respect for the client & their property.

We will respect the wishes of the clients, witnesses, & colleagues to safeguard their privacy.

Our teams will continue to study, apply and advance scientific knowledge; to observe the precepts of accuracy and prudence; and to make relevant information available to colleagues and the public.

We will never knowingly be involved with misleading or dishonest activity

Our members will ALWAYS respect the law and any legal Authority.

We will respect other paranormal groups and organizations, with the realization that we are all in search of answers.

We will honor all obligations & committments.

We will always strive to help the paranormal research field by educating the community & sharing information & theories.

Paranormal Research Investigators and Nebraska Paranormal will never discuss the client, witness or the findings of our investigation without the express written permission of the individual(s).